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We are here to satisfy you with our mouth watering small chops of Puff-puff


We are here to satisfy you with our mouth watering small chops of Puff-puff, for your weddings, birthdays, office functions, bridal showers or any social event. We bring the absolute completion to the event with our exquisite menu of small chops and drinks.

Puff-puff is a dough based snack that originated in West Africa. It is made in countries like Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. Like many other West African dishes, its origins are generally contested with multiple countries claiming to have devised the original and ‘best’ recipe.

Puff-puff as it is called in Sierra Leone, and in anglophone Cameroon and Nigeria. The name of this traditional snack varies throughout Africa. For instance, it is called bofrot in Ghana, mikate in Congo, Beinye in Cameroon, or kala in Liberia.The prominence of this delicacy stretches even to the Eastern and Southern parts of the motherland, where it is mostly known as mandazi.

Puff-puff are made of dough containing flour, yeast, sugar, butter, salt, water and eggs (which are optional), and deep fried in vegetable oil to an irresistible golden brown color. Variations can be made in the recipe by using baking powder in place of yeast but yeast is more common. After frying, puff puffs can be rolled in sugar, to one’s liking. Furthermore, like the French beignet and the Italian zeppole, puff-puffs can be rolled in any spices/flavoring such as cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg and for a fusion style of cooking puff-puffs served with a fruit dip such as strawberry or raspberry. Puff puff can be eaten plain, or with any other addition. For instance, Cameroonians enjoy puff puffs with beans, coffee, and other beverages for breakfast.

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